Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly one of the most unexpected events of the recent decades, bringing forward difficult to predict implications – for the business and the entire society.

As an agency whose domain is broadly-understood communication, but also as a business sensitive to social needs, we felt obliged to face up to the challenge; together with our clients as well as by ourselves as Communication Unlimited.

Invest Komfort
„Today for Tomorrow”

For the Tri-City developer of the premium segment known as Invest Komfort, Communication Unlimited has created a platform of assistance activities “Today for Tomorrow”, initiating and coordinating actions carried out with numerous partner companies for the Tri-City environment.

Owing to this, hospitals, hospices, social welfare homes, schools and orphanages have been provided adequate support. The aim of the initiative is to minimize the risks inherent by the pandemic and to anticipate the hazard associated with the social crisis.

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Suzuki for doctors

For our longtime client Suzuki, we have prepared and together carried out the CSR campaign “Suzuki for doctors”.

Under this campaign, Suzuki has provided the Czerniakowski Hospital in Warsaw with a fleet of cars for health professionals involved in rescuing patients infected with coronavirus.

Support for the Czerniakowski Hospital

Another social initiative of Communication Unlimited was to organize a fundraiser for the Czerniakowski Hospital. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the institution found itself in a disastrous situation.

With the help of donors, we were able to play our strengths, and the hospital received funding for the purchase of necessary protection measures, including masks, glasses, helmets, gloves, aprons and suits.

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