Art therapy

Art inspires, stimulates, enternains, makes you wonder and... cures. It cures acute sensitivity rhinitis, soothes stagnation and heals boredom. If you suffer from any of those things, call the ARTBULANCE and have a treatment at Warsaw’s best art galleries open for Warsaw Gallery Weekend.


World class specialists

The ARTBULANCE crew has two of one-of-a-kind doctors – Rafał Jemielita and Jarek Maznas. Both admit that their medical knowledge and understanding of art are roughly at the same level, but their unique view on art will help even the worst case patients back on their feet.

Civilization diseases

Today’s world is filled with people suffering from all kinds of diseases – stagnation, overworking and sensitivity deficit. As with any other disease, the correct diagnosis and administering the right therapy is crucial.

Next case

Suzuki Motor Poland

Warsaw Gallery Weekend

Spotkanie dwóch światów tworzy zawsze nową wartość. Tak samo dzieje się, gdy łączymy światy motoryzacji i kultury.