Communication Unlimited

Business designing and integrated marketing are one.
They exist inside a coherent, multilevel and rich macrocosmos.

We translate the macrocosmos of the brand and its values into strategy, creation.
Communication and relations, using innovative - but not only technological - solutions.

CU Nomads community

CU Nomads are champions. Steadfast, creative and experienced in many business battles. Specialists from all over the world. They know various foreign markets perfectly. Each of them is unique individual shaped by journeys, hundreds of people they met and thousands of projects they took part in. Among the candidates we found the best. Now this incredible community works with our agency, helping us to see even more. More needs, possibilities, potential.

The power of diversity

Together with CU Nomads we offer an abundance of various points of view, beliefs and ideas. Each and every one of us, wherever we may come from, brings to the agency our unconventionality, original thinking and experience forged in myriads of ambitious projects. Our culture, places of origin and character together create a multifaceted mosaic that bears fruit to remarkable ideas for remarkable brands.

We created a strategic communication platform „Poland means success” for Złota 44 building.


How much can a little paper plane achieve?




In a duel of chocolates and flowers we know the winner!


Build your brand with us.
The world will hear.